Today’s homeowners are faced with more options than ever before but, whether living in an old historic home, a newly constructed home, or something in between, homeowners all want the same things:

  • comfort
  • efficiency
  • costs savings
  • reliability

One of the options helping homeowners achieve the above goals is a mini-split. A mini-split is “split” between an outdoor component (a compressor/condenser) and an indoor component (the air handling unit). A third component is the system controller – either a hand-held remote or a wall-mounted thermostat. A mini-split is also “split” between providing both heating and cooling, an obvious benefit over having two separate systems.

So how exactly do mini-splits work?

Each indoor unit is connected to the outdoor unit using two refrigerant pipes and control or power wiring, typically through a 3-inch hole in the wall or ceiling. The two units are in constant communication, allowing them to maintain your preferred temperature by relaying current conditions and adjusting accordingly. All of this wonderful comfort-maintaining communication is going on without you – the homeowner – having to do a thing!

Breakdown of Benefits

With conventional methods, air conditioning needs are typically met through a single whole-house unit or individual window units. The drawbacks to the latter are well-known. Inside, they take up a large part of the window space and view and are often quite noisy. From the outside, they are unstable and unsightly.

Even with a whole-house unit, a homeowner is forced to rely on a single large unit to push air through complex ductwork into every room of the house, whether it’s needed everywhere or not. An unavoidable pitfall is the fact that much energy is lost traveling through the ductwork before it even gets to where it’s needed. This system also relies on an energy-wasting and often noisy on/off cycle.

On the other hand, with both heating and cooling:

  • mini-split components are much smaller than conventional components – easier to maintain;
  • they run more quietly;
  • their compressor hums along consistently using just the right amount of energy, as opposed to an on/off cycleenergy savings for you and the planet!
  • they typically require only a 3-inch opening in the wall or ceiling of the home (as opposed to the large space required for a window unit);
  • they put your energy right where it’s needed – avoiding the inefficient and costly energy loss associated with ducted systems.

There are other benefits that go way beyond these basic elements. Mini-split units can be placed directly in a desired room and used only when needed. This is especially helpful if you wish to address just a particular hot or cold spot in your home – perhaps a garage, basement, sunroom, or addition. Mini-splits allow you to accomplish this without monkeying with or replacing your current system. Ductless units also allow you to update your energy management when living in an older home that lacks ductwork.

Secondly, mini-splits are also available as “multi-splits” so as a homeowner, you have single-zone or multi-zone options. Systems can handle up to eight indoor units connected to a single outdoor component. As a homeowner, you can create separate “comfort zones” throughout your house, with a separate thermostat for each zone. This enables you to design your system to best meet your needs: single rooms, several rooms comprising a separate comfort zone within a multi-split system, or even replacing your entire old system with a single ducted unit.

Mini-splits place all this flexibility within your reach – and your budget.

In a Nutshell

 Are you planning an addition to your home? Do you have a man cave or she-shed you wish to heat or cool? Would you like to update your whole system to take advantage of long-term energy savings? Mini-splits may be your answer! They are flexible, reliable, and super energy-efficient with zero emissions. That means this choice is a win-win for you and the environment! They come in different styles and colors to aid in matching your home décor needs. There is also an app that allows you to control your system from any smart device, whenever and wherever you might be.

Contact the Frontier Heating and Cooling team experts today. We will be only too happy to match a mini-split option to your current energy needs.