Technology – do you love it or hate it? Either way, you may find that a programmable thermostat is a great friend when it comes to reducing energy costs in your home.

If you love technology, you will appreciate all the freedom and efficiency that a programmable thermostat provides. If you find technology intimidating, you may be surprised at just how simple a programmable thermostat is to operate.

In what way is a programmable or “smart” thermostat like a great friend? Just like a friend, this thermostat gets to know you (or at least your home) and looks out for your best interests. It can store and repeat multiple daily settings and adjust the heating and cooling of your home accordingly. It’s flexible and lets you be more in charge of meeting your individual needs.

Is everyone in your home at work or school during the day? Why waste energy – and money – heating or cooling an empty house? You can set the thermostat to kick on just before people start arriving back home.

What else can it do? Many brands can be connected to your smart phone, allowing you to adjust your heating and cooling remotely, from wherever you are.

On vacation and want to extend it by a few days? You can adjust your heating or cooling program without being anywhere near your home. Can’t do that with a regular dial thermostat!

Wait, there’s more! These thermostats can also be set up to notify you when you need to change a filter or schedule some other maintenance.

Some of you may be thinking that if it can do all that, it must be difficult to set up and/or operate. Not so. Usually a convenient touch screen, they are both simple and intuitive to use. After a while, you may just wonder why you didn’t get one sooner!

So let a professional technician install a programmable thermostat in your home and sit back to:

  • enjoy a comfortable home year-round;
  • save energy without having to think about it;
  • watch your energy costs go down;
  • experience more control in your life, and
  • pat yourself on your back for being a good, energy-wise citizen!

Contact us today so you don’t miss out on these benefits a day longer. At Frontier Heating and Cooling, we stock programmable thermostats with the best technology available, along with user-friendly options. Such a simple way to reap big benefits!