Your furnace has been been enjoying the summer holidays like the rest of your family.  Now it’s time to get ready for the new heating season.

Is your furnace ready?  Have you had it tuned up or inspected recently?  As your furnace ages, inspections become especially important not only to see how efficiently it has been running but also for safety reasons.

Regular cleanings will also help reduce any concerns in your furnace before they require an emergency service call.  We all like saving money, but a more important concern is keeping your family and home safe. Because furnaces need to burn fuel to keep you warm, it is vital to inspect all of its parts for possible ruptures or leaks.

Having your furnace run efficiently can help lower your energy bills and can also help the furnace not work so hard to heat your home. When an older furnace is neglected, the combination of its age and inefficient operation may cause its parts to break down more quickly.

Air filters should to be replaced regularly to allow proper airflow throughout the system as will as prevent pollutants or dust from recirculating.  Our technicians will clean and inspect your furnace for wear and tear, and if necessary, replace any required parts that are failing.

Annual maintenance can help reduce your chances for potential system failures, which you surely don’t what to deal with on the coldest day of the year. Our expert technicians at Frontier Heating and Cooling will diagnose potential trouble areas before they can become an expensive inconvenience for you.  Contact Us today!